Sunset at Lio Beach Philippines

The Philippines have become my favorite country in the world, simply because the locals here are so friendly and joyful and somehow all of them are extremely good singers. But that’s not all that makes the Philippines such a great place. There are countless beautiful islands and beaches where you would think you have arrived in paradise. I stayed in El Nido, Palawan for 11 days and have explored some really paradise-like beaches around El Nido town during that time. One of those beaches is Lio Beach.

Lio Sign on the beachRules Sign at Lio Beach El Nido

How to get to Lio Beach

Lio Beach is only about 15 minutes away from El Nido town by Tricycle. The Tricycle ride should cost around 300 PHP one way but you can probably agree on a 500 PHP return fare.
However, there is also a daily shuttle bus going from El Nido town to Lio Beach. It runs every hour. The bus stop is close to the newly built hostel in El Nido town called Frendz Hostel.

About the Beach

I came here for the first time to watch the sunset. Little did I know, though, that I would see the most amazing sunset that night. It took my breath away, it was like the sky was on fire.

Sunset Lio Beach
That’s also when I decided to go back the next day to just chill at the beach and swim in the ocean.
Lio Beach is not such a crowded beach yet. It is pretty quiet and they have a few beach chairs for free that you can use throughout the day. There is chill music playing in the background from one of the bars/restaurants and you can always go and enjoy an ice-cold drink or have some snack/food.

I can really recommend the Caesar Salad from Pukka Bar, which is a Reggae themed restaurant/bar and super fun. The salad was 250 PHP and super delicious! It is just a perfect meal for a day at the beach.

Inside restaurant at Lio BeachSalad at Restaurant Lio Beach

The water at this beach is crystal clear and has a temperature of around 30 Degrees Celsius. The sand is very soft but can get super hot during the day so you might want to run into the ocean rather than walk! There’s also a couple of trees that can give you shade if the sun gets too hot (which it will at some point and you don’t want to get sunburnt here, trust me).

What to do at Lio Beach

This beach area is pretty new and they are still building accommodations and restaurants. If you want to shop some jewelry or beach wear you can also stroll through some little shops right at the beach.
You can also rent a kayak at the beach for a few hours or do SUP for 200 PHP per hour.

Lio Beach el Nido BeachVolleyball Net Lio BeachSUP Rental Lio Beach
El Nido airport is really close to the beach so during the day you will see a few small airplanes land and depart over the beach. It is pretty incredible to watch.

Plane departs Lio Beach

Are you also totally in love with El Nido like me? What do you think is the best part about the little town? Let me know in the comments below! To read more about my trip to the Philippines click here.

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