Poppy Wildflowers at the Olympic Park in Seoul

The Olympic Park in Seoul is a great place to visit if you’re looking to have a small picnic, take a stroll through the green park, or even to go to concerts and sporting events. However, while you’re there, you should also make sure to see some of the beautiful blooming wildflowers at the Olympic Park in Seoul.
Below are two of the areas where you can see these gorgeous wildflowers and around what time they will bloom.

Olympic Park Wildflower Maru

You can see different types of Wildflowers in the Olympic Park in Seoul and one of the more popular places is the Wildflowers Maru where you can find Poppy Flowers or Cosmos Flowers during different times of the year. 

How to get there

Take line 5 or 9 and get off at Olympic Park Station Exit 3. Continue walking alongside the main road until you see the big white and red ball shaped statue. Then walk towards the Olympic Rose Plaza. On your left you will see a sign that indicates the entrance to the Olympic Park Wildflower Maru. Walk up the steps and you’re there!
You can also type in 올림픽공원 들꽃마루 (Olympic Park Wildflower Maru) into Naver and it will guide you there. 


Poppy Flowers

Poppy Flowers will bloom here around May/June – the exact time always highly depends on the weather in that specific year. In 2022 I went to see the Poppy Flowers in the last week of May and only one side was fully bloomed while the other flowers hadn’t bloomed yet. 
The flowers are absolutely beautiful to look at and you can walk through the middle or the sides in order to take some photos and admire the beauty of the flowers if you wish. 

Poppy Wildflowers in the Olympic Park in Seoul
Red Poppy flowers in Seoul

Canola Flowers

Once you walked up the hill on the side where the Poppy flowers are at, you can find the beautiful yellow Canola flowers on the other side of the hill. Don’t miss out on walking along the pathways as these flowers are just as beautiful but can be easily overlooked if you don’t walk past the hill.
The Canola flowers bloom around the same time as the Poppy flowers.

Yellow Flowers in Seoul during Spring
Field of Yellow Flowers in Seoul


Cosmos Flowers

You can find Cosmos flowers in many parts of Seoul and Korea during the Autumn season but one very popular spot is the Wildflower Maru in Olympic Park. Every year, many people visit this place to admire the captivating wildflowers. The flower bed, adorned with orange Cosmos flowers, typically blooms in mid-September. Here are some pictures taken on September 18th, 2022, as a reference.

Woman surrounded by Cosmos Flowers in Seoul
Cosmos Flowers at Olympic Park Wildflower Maru in Seoul

Olympic Park Wildflower Garden

How to get there

If you’re taking the line 5 or 9 getting off at Olympic Park Station, take exit 4 and walk along the Olympic Park Meeting Plaza passing by the Handball arena and KSPO Dome. Walk left alongside the big green area, past the Soccer field and turn right. You should then be able to reach the Olympic Park Wildflower Garden. 


Pink Muhly Grass

While the most well-known spots for pink muhly are outside of Seoul but at the Olympic Park there’s also a chance to admire a lovely field of pink muhly grass between the months of September and November. 
When the grass actually gets the bright pink color depends on that years weather, but one thing is certain: it’s a truly amazing experience.

If you want to read more about where to see certain flowers in Korea throughout the year or are interested in other Korea travel tips, check out my other blog posts here.

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