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turquoise water with green hills Philippines

Island Hopping in El Nido

Reading different blog posts, you will soon realize that basically every single one of them recommends to the A&C Island Hopping Tour in El Nido.It basically covers all the beautiful places and especially if you do not have that much

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Tricycle ride to get to El Nido PH

How to get to El Nido, Philippines

El Nido in the Philippines is such a beautiful and magical place but getting there is quite the hassle. However, once you reach the little down, the journey was well worth it. If you want to get to El Nido

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Sunset at Lio Beach Philippines

Lio Beach in El Nido Philippines

The Philippines have become my favorite country in the world, simply because the locals here are so friendly and joyful and somehow all of them are extremely good singers. But that’s not all that makes the Philippines such a great

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Some tips when traveling to the Philippines


Always have some cash on you

Especially when traveling around smaller islands and towns, it's always good to have some cash with you as not everyone will be taking card payment. There are ATM's sometimes but don't rely on finding one wherever you go.


Check the price for Tricycles before getting on

Especially when you are a foreigner, the tricycle drivers will try to charge you more for the ride. However, there are some online sources and sometimes even pricing charts in the vehicle that will give you an indication how much to pay.


Remember the Travel Tax at local Airports

In the Philippines you are charged a travel tax at the airport when you are leaving. Most of the time you can only pay by cash so make sure you still have some cash on you. Research beforehand how much the airport you are flying from will charge you.


Don't drink tap water

Tap water is not very clean in the Philippines, so make sure you stock up on bottled water when you go to the store.


Download the Grab Taxi App before your visit

Grab Taxi (and not Uber) is the commonly used transportation app in the Philippines. It will give you fixed prices for your trip. It is not available in very remote areas but still a good app to have on your phone.

Turquoise water Island Hopping in El Nido

It's more fun in the Philippines

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