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Colorful lanterns and flowers in Hoi An

10 Things to do in Hoi An, Vietnam

Last year I spent 2 weeks in Da Nang, Vietnam and also got the chance to visit Hoi An. Hoi An is such a cute little town full of colors and life that shouldn’t be missed. And although it’s not

Sunrise My Khe Beach Da Nang sky

Sunrise in Da Nang at My Khe Beach

While My Khe Beach is not the greatest spot to watch the sunset, it is an even better location to see the sunrise in Da Nang over the East Vietnam Sea. But be prepared to wake up early in the

Things to do in Da Nang Marble Mountains

5 Things to do in Da Nang, Vietnam

I recently spent 2 weeks in this beautiful Vietnamese coastal city called Da Nang (Đà Nẵng) and want to share with you 5 things to do in Da Nang. During my stay there I really fell in love with the

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City – The City of Motorbikes

If you have ever been to Ho Chi Minh City you might have noticed the mass of motorbikes driving around the city. And there are certainly no rules when driving but somehow it works. Don’t ask me why. Also, don’t

Some tips when traveling to Thailand


Carry enough cash

There are still many places in Vietnam where you will need cash so I do recommend having enough with you at all times. You will find ATM's spread out through the cities but I would always suggest just having enough readily available for shopping, restaurants, cafes or anywhere else you might spend money.


Download Grab Taxi App

Grab Taxi will be a great way for you to get around the different cities in Vietnam. You can easily book a taxi or motorcycle through the app and already add your destination beforehand. You can also easily pay with the app which makes it very convenient!


Get a Sim Card at the Airport

You will be able to get quite affordable Sim Cards at each airport in Vietnam after going through immigration. Just keep in mind that also here you will need to pay in cash. But they will install everything for you and then you'll be good to go.


Visit the cafes in Vietnam!

Vietnam has one of the best cafe scene I have ever seen. There are so many great, cute, and affordable cafes everywhere. Do make sure to stop by some of them while you are traveling through Vietnam!


Don't be shy to negotiate when buying something

This is perfectly normal in many SEA countries and especially in Vietnam. If you want to buy something at a local market always try to haggle with the seller in order to get a lower price.

Vietnam is full of friendly and cheerful people and the country has so much to offer!
Things to do in Hoi An: Hoi Quan Phuoc Kien