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I am a passionate traveler and world explorer. In early 2022, I packed my bags and moved to Seoul, South Korea. Going on adventures, learning about new cultures, and practicing my photography skills are just some of my passions. Let me take you on an adventure around the world!

Travel with me around the world!

So far I have visited 29 countries on 5 different continents and I plan to explore a lot more! Follow my journey and get some helpful tips and tricks for your future travels!

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Colorful lanterns and flowers in Hoi An

10 Things to do in Hoi An, Vietnam

Last year I spent 2 weeks in Da Nang, Vietnam and also got the chance to visit Hoi An. Hoi An is such a cute little town full of colors and life that shouldn’t be missed. And although it’s not

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people with umbrellas in Seoul during the rain

9 Things to do in Seoul during Rainy Season

If you happen to be traveling to South Korea during the summer, you will most probably also experience what the rainy season is like. The rainy season differs each year but usually goes from June until mid/end July. In some

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guide to fall foliage in Kyoto blog header

Guide to Fall Foliage in Kyoto, Japan

The fall foliage season, called koyo or momiji in Japanese, is the second most popular time to visit Japan, right after Cherry blossom in Spring (Sakura). I honestly have to say that I am entirely grateful to have visited Kyoto

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souvenirs to buy in Kyoto

Souvenirs to buy in Kyoto

Coming to Japan for the first time and being overwhelmed with so many interesting and fun things, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which souvenirs to buy in Kyoto and what to add to your list when traveling. I put

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Osaka by night Dotonbori signs

10 Things to do in Osaka, Japan

Osaka of my favorite cities in Japan and there are so many things to do in Osaka that I tried to put together a quick guide on things you shouldn’t miss out on. 1. Visit Osaka Castle Address: Japan, 〒540-0002

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feeding deer in Nara small deer

Feeding Deer in Nara, Japan

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be surrounded by hungry deer, headbutting you, and chewing your clothes? Then Nara is the place to be! I guess feeding deer in Nara is on many people’s bucket lists when they

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