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Sunset over Wat Arun in Bangkok

11 Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is a beautiful and big city that can get quite overwhelming. With so many things to do in Bangkok, it’s hard to decide what to add to your bucketlist. I’ve traveled to Bangkok 3 times now and want to


Some tips when traveling to Thailand


Carry enough cash with you

There will be places that don't offer card payment, especially street food vendors and smaller restaurants. But I've also seen restaurants at the mall not accepting credit card under a certain amount.


Make sure to not get scammed

Make yourself familiar with common scamming techniques in Thailand before you go. Be especially careful also when taking a TukTuk to go around Bangkok as some drivers might make a detour or ask for way more money than it should cost.


Download Grab App

Grab is a very useful app used in the South East Asia region and is very similar to Uber. It is quite safe and very convenient. You can set up payment through the app and there are many different options to choose from.


Tipping Culture

Although there is no tipping culture in Thailand, it is still appreciated at massage places, etc. I always gave a small tip to my masseuse directly which made them very happy.


Cover your knees and shoulders at temples

If you're doing sightseeing and plan on visiting temples, make sure to cover your shoulders and knees or bring something to cover them while you visit. While some places offer covers for a certain fee, others don't and will not let you enter. So it's best to be prepared and save some money by bringing your own clothes.

Big golden reclining buddha Bangkok

Enjoy the beauty of Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful place full of beautiful friendly people that will be happy to introduce you to their culture.