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Being an Exchange Student in Singapore

January 8, 2018
Singapore Gardens by the Bay

This post might come slightly late but I just want to share my experiences of being an exchange student in Singapore with anyone who is considering this country for an exchange program. When I chose Singapore for my one year exchange, I had never been to this country before and I didn’t hear too much about it either. But that was okay and it was a thrill for me to just go to an unknown land and just see what…

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ASIA EAT Singapore

Must try restaurants in Singapore

May 5, 2017

Having lived in Singapore for 10 months I got to know quite a few places to get food. That’s why I want to give you a short list of must try restaurants in Singapore (especially if you are craving non-Asian food). When I first got to Singapore I had a lot of problems in finding food for me because I don’t really like eating seafood or spicy food which made it very difficult for me to find good Asian food.…

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ASIA Singapore

Why Singapore is worth more than a simple stopover

May 4, 2017

Usually, when I talk to people about Singapore, they tell me how they had a stopover there on their way to Australia or Indonesia. But honestly, Singapore is worth more than a simple stopover for 1-3 days! There is so much to explore and see that cannot simply be done in just a few days. If you want to get the whole of Singapore, you have to at least stay for a w eek. I stayed there for 10 months…

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