Pink Muhly in Gyeongju

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and being in Korea during this season gives me so many opportunities to see all of the beautiful colors Korea has to offer. The pink muhly in Gyeongju is one of those places that are definitely worth a visit during the autumn season. 

This was my first time seeing pink muhly (핑크뮬리) and I was absolutely in love with the fluffiness of the grass and the actual very bright pink color. Both locals, as well as tourists, flock to these fields of pink grass during the autumn season and it has become one of Korea’s most picturesque locations (amongst all the other flower and grass fields all over the country).

Pink Muhly in Gyeongju
Woman in front of Pink Muhly

The muhly grass will turn pink around September and stay this way until November. 

You can find the pink muhly in Gyeongju not far away from the other main tourist sites. But the closest to the grass is the Cheomseongdae Observatory (첨성대), an old astronomical observatory that is now the oldest surviving one in all of Asia. While passing by the Observatory, you will already see a field of pink grass and will know exactly where to go. 

But here is also again the full address for the pink muhly field so that you will definitely not miss it: 839-1 Inwang-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do (경북 경주시 인왕동 839-1).

You will also find other beautiful flowers and beautifully arranged fields of autumn grass such as Silver Grass which makes for such great pictures, too!

Pink Muhly Grass with Woman
pink grass in korea

And while you are already in Gyeongju, make sure to also explore the rest of this former capital of the Silla Kingdom of Korea. There is so much history to this place and I am sure you won’t be disappointed if you add it to your list. If you want to read more about Gyeongju, check out this guide I published.

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